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What is Biofield Therapy ? 


  Biofield therapy is a hands-on and distant practice that promotes stress reduction and deep relaxation while balancing one's autonomic nervous system. The Practioner will start by doing a Byosen scan over one's center meridian line to find where the energy is not moving through their nervous system.

  This is an alternative healing practice that restores balance and health to a person while working with the subtle energy system for one's own healing.

 In a session the practioner is only a vessel or instrument of Gods flowing love and energy or the Holy Spirit moving. Services do not drain me, as I am only the conduit. In a session one can typically feel a deep sense of peace while at the same time a release of emotional and physical blocks. A session leaves you feeling that irony of feeling rested and energized at the same time because your mind, body and soul has been balanced and rejuvenated. 


Our Approach

  You will be so grateful for what your experience as your mind, body and soul goes through a journey of peace. For some of us that is letting go or accepting what is. Some of us are going through trauma and need motivation to be ready to seek help or some maybe receiving help but it not enough.  Or you might just be curious about this therapy. You are welcome you to either book the 60 or 90 minutes with me and I suggest the 90 minutes if you are hurting any. The practioner will be with you and go through a series of hand positions throughout your body. Their is hardly any touch in session, as I only place my hands on the shoulders, wrists/hands, and ankles or feet.  Each position last around 5 minutes or until the energy stops flowing. When the service is over you will be welcomed back and invited to reflect if you choose to do so.  This is only good and you might find you are in a chapter of life where you want or need more sessions. Each session is deep and unique in its own way and you might need more sessions to fill full, balanced and complete. Biofield therapy heals so you do not need sessions after you are balanced, unless situations in life change. Which we know always happens. For some with years of trauma or buried past your first sessions are more of a clearing and removal of negative build ups.  In this therapy session your soul is balancing and you are safe. 

The healing space is on a soft fluffy table surrounded by calming music and light.
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