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Sessions Offered

This healing practice is good for everyone and everyone receives differently at their own time. One may fully receive in one to three sessions to feel balanced and aligned. While others might have to work on letting go of what does not serve them before they can fully recieve the love and balance with in themselves. Those with unhealed trauma, in a deep depression or just had a hard life change will usually choose a package plan to save money and set an intention of showing up for ones self. Once one has fully received, they might not come back in over 12months or might possibly want to learn so that they may keep healing themselves. If one decides they desire the gift of hands-on healing they may do so through our Pamlico Academy, which is a two-day course in Tibetan and Japanese Reiki.  The beauty of biofield therapy is that it is a healing practice that actually heals, so it is not a service you keep receiving. Once fully balanced and aligned one might come in yearly or quarterly depending on the lifestyle.


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    15 Minute Session       $18    
45 Minute Session       $35
60 Minute Session       $55
90 Minute Session       $85
120 Minute Sess
ion       $125
45 Minute Distance      $55


I Am Ready Package
(Normally $410 when priced individually. All sessions to be scheduled when package is purchased.)
All Five Sessions are scheduled at the time of payment and are set so that the first session is a scan and release at 60mins. The second session is a 90 minutes session in which we can address the blockages. The third session will be set at 120minutes and will be a deep and healing session of letting go of what no longer serves you. Finally, we can set you up with a 90min session leaving you feeling fully balanced and ready to live life fully.  

The I Am Ready
 Package may be shared
within a couple or family.


Receive and Learn Package
(Normally $595, when priced individually)
Three sessions are scheduled along with the two-day academy. We will start with a 60min session, then a 90min session and finalize it with a deep 120min session. Once fully cleared, balanced and in alignment we will schedule the academy dates for you to continue self-treatment. 


Relaxing space in healing studio
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