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Remote Lake

A Bit About Myself...

Sarah Schroko
HolyFire Reiki Master Teacher 


I am so overjoyed to be offering healing on the waterfront in Bath NC, at Petals and Produce.  I have found through the years that Gods given me unique gifts that have led me to feeling more aligned with surrender, receiving help for myself and expanding my studies and practice. 

We moved to Bath NC in May 2020 and that is where you can find me relaxing on the water or being creative or playful in some way.  My daughter Destiny and I are homeschooling and enjoy cuddling with our two golden doodles or four chickens. I love to take the time to garden and grow everything! Spending my time outside with plants or catching up with friends or new movies and music are my life passions.

 I invite you to treat yourself to this peaceful session anytime.  


  You may click this link to schedule online ...

 #252-227-2552            SARAH@REIKIONTHEPAMLICO.COM


Monday 12 - 5 and   Friday 9 - 5


My Training
In the year 2022 I layed hands on others for over 162 hours. That allowed many to find a peace that transcended their understanding. Later, in February 2023 I earned the Professional Certificate by Subtle Wellness. This achievement shows that Duke Healths one and only Reiki Master, Deborah Dixon recognizes Transcending on the Pamlico for referrals for Eastern North Carolina. In August 2023 I was an assistant teacher for a Reiki one attunement held at Duke Integrative Medicine for 20 Students. Teaching this gift is the most healing and I invite you to contact me to schedule your one-on-one class today. 

April 2021 

Reiki 1&2 Class 


September 2021

Usui Holy Fire lll Master
Tibetan Master Teacher 1V


October 2021

Karuna Master Training

 I was so blessed to be introduced to Reiki 1&2 by Kara Emmy in Greenville, NC.  

She was able to hold an in person class and attunement for three of us over a two day workshop. After the course I honored myself and had many sessions on Kara Emmys table to fully experience Reiki sessions to feel more balanced. I found each sessions experience so different and peaceful.

 I was hoping to get my final degrees in Reiki through Duke Integrative Medicine but they were not offering Master level courses during the pandemic. Thankfully their teacher Deborah Dixon was doing so privately through her business Subtle Wellness in Chapel Hill, NC. I studied and learned the info over a three day virtual workshop and the following weekend went up and had an in person all day course and hands on attunement.  

 The Karuna Reiki is the reiki of compassion and works in more detail with journeys we are going through in life. This class currently can only be taken by Holy Fire lll Reiki Master so I had to work my way towards it. Karuna, meaning "compassionate action" is helping me bring a deeper sense of love and healing to the table. This class was held by Deborah Dixon in Chapel Hill, NC. 

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