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Frequently Asked Questions

Biofield Therapy is so new to so many, and everyone has so many different questions. This is only good and is a form of hands-on healing that has been practiced for thousands of years. 

Is this Hypnosis or Superstitious?

NO, this is not a form of hypnosis or superstition. During a session you are completely able to speak or move if you want to and the Practioner does not tell you what to do with yourself in anyway. If one chooses to start your session off with a meditation the Master Practioner does speak but only to guide you through a very short peaceful visualization. 

Is Biofield Therapy Painful

NO, it is not. When the healing energy flows it is either very warm or cool, sometimes it is tingly or one may feel a vibration. Every session feels different, and it is very interesting to journal your reflections and see your own personal journey. For those that have other peoples traumas or pasts attached to them it can be more like a purge. But I find that when it is a harder or more dramatic of a release for the client they end up in the deepest sleep or have the happiest days after. Its as if your practioner is helping you lay down your problems so you do not have to carry them anymore. We all carry a lot of what we are not aware of. 

How can I prepare for a session?

If you are able, make sure you have had an adequate amount of water and food before your session. Along with a nap if possible. You may also take the time to set an intention of gratitude. You would want to wear comfy clothing and preferably would have time allotted to yourself afterward.

Can I recieve a session as a Christian?

 YES, Biofield therapy and HolyFire Reiki is safe and in alignment with those that practice all Christian Religions. This is a trinitarian healing with the goal to help let go of what no longer serves you so that you may surrender to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The model for Christians is Jesus Christ and we all know that Jesus came to heal and gave his followers the gift to do so as well. Jesus healed through the power of the holy spirit while laying his hands. In a session Sarah is surrendering into a state in which the Holy Spirit can flow through her for you to become balanced, feel loved, safe and rested while also energized and joyful. You are not receiving the practioners energy during a session.


 Reiki is NOT afflilated to any religion and is NOT affiliated with Buddhism (No matter what you read on the internet).


 As a Master Teacher in HolyFire Reiki Sarah is an active Episcopalian at St. Thomas and enjoys the Open Door Prayer Room often.

 Reiki is a Japanese and Tibetan practice that is only healing, and we know that Satan never healed. We also know that Jesus wants us to keep helping others the way he did. Please if you feel in anyway confused or uncomfortable enjoy time with God while reading the versus below to help you connect and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns in person through a consultation.

Matthew 18:19 &20 

John 14:12-17

Psalm 119:105

Psalm 27:1

Corinthians 12:4-12

Luke 4:40

Does this hold Scientific Credibility? 

YES!  We know that our body is made of an energy field around each of us, our subtle energy field or Aura. During this session I am working with your Autonomic Nervous System. This allows me to energetically work with your sympathetic and parasympatheic nervous system. Balancing these symptoms helps one turn off ones own fight or flight response. A Byosen scan is first held to feel where the blockage is along the meridian line within a person. When the healing energy flows through this Biomagnetic field it automatically switches energy frequencies based off of the area of the body and what it needs. This opens up communication channels that our cells in our body need to communicate to other cells that might need to initiate repair or fight disease.  We know that the largest Biomagnetic energy field is first our heart, then our Retina and finally our muscles and connective tissues. They all carry our energies throughout our bodies. All of which are areas that we see and hold our pain and emotional blockages. This healing has been proven or captured by the Kirlian Camera, invented in 1939 but traced back to the 1700s. Currently a team of Neurologist at Duke Health are studying these sessions. 

Is this something I need to keep doing?

NO! Receiving the healing of hands is not like some services that only helps you if you come every week or month. Once you become balanced you are good to continue to develop your relationship with Self-love and respecting yourself in your own journey of healing. You may find that you only want to come annually or quarterly or when times get tough. Or you may be curious and ready to learn this healing art and get attuned in Reiki. If so congrats on wanting to help yourself or others and please reach out to schedule your attunement.

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